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Somedaydream at Philstar. Photograph by Roy Macam

You have surely heard the song by now. It is all over the airlanes that listeners must have already come across it several times. The title is Hey Daydreamer and it is by this new artist who calls himself Somedaydream. He is regarded as somewhat a mystery, which should not be the case. He is just a regular guy who loves to make music and all of a sudden has a big hit song in his hands.  Read More

Just Love The Music!

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Music News
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Hello there! My first blog ever. And it’s going to be about MUSIC! I’ve already mentioned my love about music on my About. You can check it if you haven’t. I was only 5yrs. old when I started singing. Karaoke is my friend back then.. My parents always asks me to sing like high songs. Since my voice is little, I can reach higher notes. I always sing like there’s no tomorrow. I’m a freak that way.. Haha. My friends always told me that I have a good voice. I hate to say this but, I don’t like hearing my own voice! I just don’t like it. It irritates me. When I record a song and listen to it, I DON’T LIKE! But others say I’m good. Hm.. Anyway, forget about it. Crap.. 😀  Read More