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As we all know, Charice is currently working on her sophomore album which will be released later this year. And she’s been very busy working with top producers and award-winning songwriters like Jim BeanzSean Garrett,The Jackie BoyzBoy ReklessYoung Yonny, etc.. And another great singer-songwriter/producer to team up with Charice is Kara DioGuardi. Former AI (American Idol) judge for Season 8 and 9. She’s currently the executive vice president of talent development at Warner Bros. Records.  Read More

Last week, I was thinking of something new to bring for our dear Chasters. All of us are so amazed how Charice sing live, right? I know all of you are so into watching her live performances on Youtube. I tweeted a Poll Question last week. The Question was:

“Chasters! Would you like me to post Mp3 files of Charice’s Live performances?” (Click on the link to see the results

@YvesArellano on Twitter  Read More

A new way of spicing up your phone!

Nokia has been in industry, making good stuffs for their consumers. Always on the look out of new trends, and creating awesome applications on phones. The world’s number one leading mobile phone brand, offers a new form of entertainment on phones, the “Message Critters”  Read More

Rachel Berry and Sunshine Corazon singing "Telephone"

We’ve been through a lot of speculations about Charice’s comeback on Glee. All the news came out, but nothing proves of her comeback. Since her debut on the Season 2 premier of Glee last year, Sunshine Corazon never appeared again. So her followers and supporters were like, “When is she coming back?”  Read More

Since Chris Brown‘s awful actions with her ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, he’s trying so hard to replace his bad image. But it seems like he’s not learning his lessons about image publicity.

Last Friday, a full-frontal nude photo of Chris Brown was leaked. He took on his cellphone in front of a bathroom mirror. On the picture, It shows Brown’s newly dyed blonde hair, a proof that it was taken recently. (Search the whole picture on Google.comRead More

Charice Japan Tour 2011

From her very successful first solo concert held in Japan, she’s now back in US to work for her sophomore album which will be released later this year!

The singer-songstress is now recording with “Soul Power“. A recording company that has been in the industry since 1989 by music producer SoulshockRead More

As part of its series on the human race called “Population 7 billion“, National Geographic Magazine released a video clip, showing the most “typical” face on the planet.

Han Chinese man is the most typical person on the planet

The most typical person in the planet is.. MALE. Parallel to this is the number of men living, outnumbering females.

The image is a composite of 200,000 photos of men who fit the description of a Han Chinese men.

As part of a year-long series on global population, the publication has just produced a stunning new video titled “Are You Typical?” which compiles global data to produce a composite of the world’s “most typical” person, along with other fascinating statistics.

Researches said that a Han Chinese Male is the most typical person on the planet. Ranging over 9 million of them, with the same description. Moreover, in the year 2030 the Indian population will outstrip that of China.  Read more


There’s more of a video than those sweet snapshots of Justin and Selena’s first red carpet appearance together.  Read More