Charice’s Comeback On Glee!

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Charice
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Rachel Berry and Sunshine Corazon singing "Telephone"

We’ve been through a lot of speculations about Charice’s comeback on Glee. All the news came out, but nothing proves of her comeback. Since her debut on the Season 2 premier of Glee last year, Sunshine Corazon never appeared again. So her followers and supporters were like, “When is she coming back?” 

Last week, E.W. (Entertainment Weekly) Spoiler Room clearly stated that not only Gwyneth Paltrow who’s coming for a second appearance on the 15th Episode of Glee which is entitled “Sexy“, also Charice (a.k.a  Sunshine Corazon).  But this spoiler seems to be false. No Charice on the episode. But a confirmation spread, that her comeback will be on the 17th Episode this coming March 22! But because Glee will have a re-run of their previous episodes on March 22 and 29. So Charice’s comeback will be on April 19.  Even though the date was moved we can still wait for Charice. Lea Michele’s (a.k.a Rachel Berry) tweeted a picture with Charice. Stating..

“Look who’s back!! @officialcharice!!! So  happy!!!

– @msleamichele on Twitter



Charice then retweeted..

“You’re so sweet. ❤ RT @msleamichele: Look who’s  back!! @officialcharice!!! So  happy!!!

Followed by another tweet..

“Filipino power!!!! Blaine Anderson and Sunshine  Corazon!!!!

@OfficialCharice on Twitter

Darren Criss as Blaine Anderson on Glee

Darren Criss (a.k.a Blaine Anderson) is Charice’s fellow Filipino who’s also part of Glee as  an openly gay student. Born February 5, 1987. His mother is a Filipino and his father has Irish ancestry. His talent was more exposed now since he entered Glee. And with the said show, he got the chance to meet and work with his fellow Filipino, Charice. With the exchange of tweets, we can expect them both in a scene


Charice and Lea Michele

Not only Darren who’s excited about Charice’s comeback, also her rival on the show, Lea Michele. She tweeted a picture of her with Charice a couple of minutes ago. She was so happy for Charice’s comeback on the show! We all know that in the show, Rachel is frightened of Sunshine’s voice. But in real life, they’re friends and they both enjoy each other’s company. After their rendition of Lady Gaga’s song “Telephone”, everyone is looking forward to another duet! The 2 are the most talked about rivals of today. With Charice’s powerhouse voice and Lea’s sweet and heartwarming vocals, there’s no doubt that the two are compared. But let’s just put those comparisons away because they’re friends and both have great talents.

Charice, according to Ryan Murphy (creator of Glee), will be back for 5 more episodes this Season and lots of big ballads for her. That’s something we should look forward to! Charice will surely blow us away, AGAIN!

Mark your calendars! Charice will reprise her role as Sunshine Corazon on Glee Season 2 this April 19, 2011 Episode 17 “A Night of Neglect“.



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  1. dollie says:

    I am waiting for Charice come back on glee. She is amazing. Please let her appear again in this show.Go Charice …..we are here to support you.

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