Kara DioGuardi collaborating with Charice

Posted: March 26, 2011 in Charice, Music News
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As we all know, Charice is currently working on her sophomore album which will be released later this year. And she’s been very busy working with top producers and award-winning songwriters like Jim BeanzSean Garrett,The Jackie BoyzBoy ReklessYoung Yonny, etc.. And another great singer-songwriter/producer to team up with Charice is Kara DioGuardi. Former AI (American Idol) judge for Season 8 and 9. She’s currently the executive vice president of talent development at Warner Bros. Records. 

Last Thursday, Kara DioGuardi tweeted a picture of her and Charice. Stating..

“Just worked with charice in boston  x. http://twitpic.com/4ckrvh

– @kara_dioguardi on Twitter



And of course, for Charice’s fans to know, she re-tweeted Kara’s tweet. Then the message surpassed and Chasters started to tweet about this news they’ve received. Kara is such a very professional songwriter, collaborating with the most talented artists of this generation. Including Kelly ClarksonChristina AguileraBritney SpearsCobra StarshipKatharine McPheeCarrie UnderwoodPink, and a whole lot more! Most of her collaborations are from American Idol.

There is no doubt of her songwriting skills, to be partnered with the Idol winners and other great artists. That’s why it’s so amazing that this very talented Kara is now working with the “The Most Talented Girl In The World”, Charice! All of Kara’s collaborations are hits, and we’re very excited to hear what they’ve been working on for the sophomore album. Charice is really in demand now, knowing that her songwriters and producers are very talented and award-winning as well! This year will be very hectic but, BIG for Charice’s career! We can expect cool and upbeat songs from her sophomore album.




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  1. John says:

    scares me to think that the sophomore album will be a bunch of random songs by random producers and will not be cohesive.

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