Charice’s Hollywood Comedy-Action Movie for 2012

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Charice, Music News
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It’s already summer here in Philippines. And it’s getting a little hotter! But not only is the weather getting hotter guys, it’s Charice! Just yesterday, we were bombed by so many g0od news! We didn’t expect these news spreading so fast like a wild fire! So I was one of the 1st few people who received the news about Charice on a Hollywood movie. It was posted on Chat Box by a fan and that’s when other Chasters started to research more about it. 

Charice isn’t new in movies. It’s was 2009 when she did a cameo role for the movie “The Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squekquel” and sang an Alicia Keys original, “No One” with The Chipettes (Also part of the Movie Soundtrack). And now, she’s working on a new movie “Here Comes the Boom”.

Comedy is like Charice’s asset for some, because she do funny things in videos which isn’t weird or something. With this new comedy-action movie, she can find herself working with great comedians. Charice’s name on the movie will be “Malia”. No details yet on Charice’s character. But soon enough it will be revealed.

They are currently filming “Here Comes the Boom” in Quincy, Massachusetts and they’re looking for extra’s in Boston, for the movie. They are really working hard for this movie. Searching for extra’s, maybe the next Matt Damon who started also as an extra.


The movie is about a music teacher who is forced to moonlight as a mixed martial arts fighter in the hopes of saving his school’s music program. When there’s music, of course there’s Charice! I’m thinking maybe Malia will be one of the students. There’s singing! We can expect that with Charice on the movie.

Columbia Pictures gave an initial date of July 2012 as the official release date of the movie. 1 year and 2 months of waiting! That.. is.. like.. FOREVER. Yeah. But still thankful that Charice is there.



Starring actor comedian Kevin James and Mexican Sexy Actress Salma Hayek on the movie, only proves that this movie will be a hit. For sure!

In the mean time, Charice will reprise her role as Sunshine Corazon on the 17th Episode of Glee Season 2 “A Night of Neglect” on April 19. Watch out for that! More news coming your way this summer.



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  1. ANITAKO says:

    america is slow poke in doing movies “here comes the boom already filming as of march or april and showing next yr july 2012?, and like Glee it took 13 days for them to shoot sunshine corazon for that little role in the premiere episode Glee season2. o, well, we just have to wait and see, name of the game for charice’s sake be patient. congrats charice!

  2. WebScribes says:

    IMDB lists Charice as playing a main character and with the movie having a music theme, I expect Charice will be singing and a part of the soundtrack as well. Again Charice is working with highly respected actors and director. Just like the little engine that could, Charice is steaming up the mountain of success toward the sky!


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