Taboo of The Black Eyed Peas Teaming Up With Charice For A New Song!

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Charice, Music News
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 We’ve been delivered by so much news about Charice the past week with the release of her new singles and her comeback on Glee. And just this day, a news came out on Twitter that “The Black Eyed Peas” member Taboo is collaborating with Charice on a new song! This was tweeted from a representative of Gawad Kalinga in USA. Stating..

 “Taboo just gave an inspiring talk about a new song that he will collaborate w/Charice

 @gkusaorg on Twitter

Jaime Luis Gómez also known by his stage name Taboo has been in the industry for 14 years now. Born in Los Angeles, California raised by parents Aurora Sifuentes and Jimmy Gomez. Both Mexican American. He joined “The Black Eyed Peas” (formerly known as Atban Klann) in 1995 with Filipino American, Fergie, and
Just recently, Taboo worked with “The Hitman”, David Foster on a new project. And tweeted..

“Worked with the hit man # David Foster on a project last night man I learned alot !!! What a musical genius!!

– @TabBep on Twitter

We all know that Charice is very close to his God Father, David Foster. And has worked with him on his tours and concerts around Asia and other parts of the world. And now that David has worked with Taboo, there are connections being considered between Charice and Taboo. Another thing I consider about this is that, Taboo followed Charice and David Foster even our own Twitter Account, @chamusicdotcom. Meaning, the news is really true. Though none of them has confirmed it yet, we can still hold on to this collaboration!

 This picture was tweeted by Taboo just this day. And as you can see, Charice is holding a Grammy Trophy. Which I think signifies a Grammy wining with their collaboration! Few months back, showed his willingness to do a collaboration with fellow Filipino, Charice someday. But it seems like Taboo got the chance to work with the International Star. And just this day, Charice RT-d Taboo’s Tweet on collaborating with her.

“@TabBep: @OfficialCharice collabo happened today for the big record we got along with @jeremypassion @apl_de

@OfficialCharice on Twitter

And according to Taboo, the song is called “One Voice” featuring vocals from Charice and Jeremy Passion. The song is actually part of Taboo’s side project and it’s going to be an anthem for Gawad Kalinga. It’s not part of Charice’s upcoming sophomore album this Fall though. And here’s what he can about the song..

“My song is a Latino / Filipino world anthem to show our unity within brown pea-ple coming together as one voice/ one heart /one beat!!”

@TabBep on Twitter

It’s so cool that Taboo is doing a good job on uniting the Mexican’s and the Filipino’s. And he’s featuring our Charice on this one. He also said that he’ll be working with friend on a song as well. We hear some news that Jasmine Villegas will also be part of this collaboration. Wow!! Hope they’ll release these songs soon! But for now, we can catch Charice on Manny’s fight this coming May 7, and 8 here in Philippines. And also this month, the release of her new single “Louder”. So many things to look forward to this May! Keep posted for more news!

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  1. chalola says:

    wow cha is now collaborating with great musicians, young and cute as well. the thrill of it is too much even for me .. hehe! soar cha soar! and the chasters will soar with you. LABYO CHA!

  2. ANITAKO says:

    nice to hear charice is collaborating w/ BEP-Taboo,and where’s apl?

  3. chasterific says:

    yey!! super excited for this!

  4. robinchaster says:

    more and more for ChaRiCe! Yippeee!!

  5. lancecobi says:

    That’s very nice! So excited about it!

  6. Sounds great!!! Another big hit song is coming guys! 🙂 Excited to hear it! 🙂

  7. lenababe says:

    Hope this will push through. More power to Charice.

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