Charice’s New Songs “Louder” and “Lost The Best Thing” To Be Release, May 20!

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Charice, Music News
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It has been a month since I posted the news about her song “Louder” premiering on Japanese TV. And now, International Star Charice released her new single “Louder” on Amazon! Not only that, she also released another new song called “Lost The Best Thing“.

We all know that Charice is working on a new album with a new sound. Her new music is more of R&B, Club kind of sound. And “Louder” is the best song to fit this genre’s. The song was written by Daniel James, Leah Haywood and Shelly Peiken, produced by Dreamlab. It’s a big change for Charice releasing this song cause she’s been singing ballad songs all her life.

R&B, Club, Techno are the popular genre’s nowadays. Artists now are into dancy songs and Charice is doing the same. Charice loves dancing as well, and she’s good at it! The song “Louder” is the best song for Charice to outburst her talent in dancing. That’s why her team decided to release the song as her 2nd single after “Before It Explodes” cause everyone can relate to it and dance to it. I’m confident that this will be a smash it, I call the song a “Club Banger!” cause it’s so dancy and I know club goers can dance to the beat of this song.

 Glee is releasing their new album and will include 3 original songs. And one of these is called “As Long As You’re There“. And guess what, Charice is featured on the song! Finally, Glee creators gave Charice her original song for the show. She’ll be back on the last  episode, “New York” and will have another solo performance singing this new original song.

Another song called “Lost The Best Thing” came out. It’s the song she did with Souldpower/Soulshock. It kinda sound like Jordin Sparks-ish, so excited to hear the full song!

Listen and Download Charice’s new songs on:

Available May 20, 2011.


“Louder” by Charice

“Lost The Best Thing” by Charice

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Glee (The Music) Volume 6 Season 2

As Long As You’re There” by Glee Cast (Charice)

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