Charice’s “Louder” is out now! Plus some updates about Here Comes The Boom and American Idol finale

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Charice, Music News
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 The 2nd single off Charice’s new album is out now! And all the reviews about the song is just so great! I’ve been reading some comments and feedbacks about the song and they’re all positive and shocked about the transformation of Charice on it’s single cover and the sound of it is just catchy! Also “Lost The Best Thing” which she recorded with Soul Power. The song is just about heartbreak. It’s an R&B/Soul sound and very fresh! About “Louder“, just last May 23, Charice released the Lyric video for this song. Check it out! 

The songs are now available on iTunes and on May 31, it will be available on Amazon as well.

The past days, Charice was rumored to on American Idol finale and sing with Pia Tuscano. Before the finale, a source close to Warner Brothers said that WB can’t make a last minute decision on putting Charice on the finale though American Idol was interested. Sorry folks, Charice wasn’t on the American Idol finale. And for this season’s American Idol, Scotty wins! But actually my bet was Lauren. Who cares, let’s give it up for Scotty.

Updates on Charice’s movie Here Comes The Boom. Today, Bas Rutten tweeted..

  “Charice Pempengco, great singer, she and I are singing together in the movie. “Google” her.

“Charice in a “staredown” with Les, my “stand in”. As u can c, she’s very confident

@BasRuttenMMA on Twitter

Bas Rutten is a Dutch mixed martial artist and he was the UFC Champion and a three time King of Pancrase world champion. He’s a co-host of Inside MMA and this involves with the movie that Charice is in. There will be a scene of Kevin James joining UFC to raise money for the school program. And the team were actually shooting on UFC. When Bas and Charice met, only praises comes on his mouth about Charice. Admiring the international star with her talent. Another fan of Charice, is mixed martial artist! Awesome!

Will update more on the following months+. Since school is coming soon, I’ll not be able to update much about Charice and all that. Have to focus on my studies. But if I have time to update, I will. Follow me on Twitter for instant news if you want. I’ll still update thru Twitter and Facebook, see ya! 🙂

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