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  A new Japanese Drama “Bull Doctor” decided on a theme song for the show. And it’s Charice who’ll sing the theme song for it! The program producers offered Charice to sing the theme song for the upcoming show. They were overwhelmed by Charice’s incredible voice and also she’s a popular artist in Japan that makes her in demand to the music industry there. This proves of her winning J-Wave  “Best New Comer” award last February 24. Overtaking international stars like Justin Bieber, Orianthi, Ke$ha, Bruno Mars, and South Korean girl band Kara.  Read More

 Charice teamed up with Life Savers Gummies for their new flavor. Last week Charice asked her fans via Twitter to choose her favorite flavor “Orange” to be the new flavor of Life Savers Gummies. And it seems like her favorite flavor is winning.  Read More