“Far As The Sky” by Charice Theme Song For A Japanese Drama “Bull Doctor”

Posted: June 9, 2011 in Charice, Music News
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  A new Japanese Drama “Bull Doctor” decided on a theme song for the show. And it’s Charice who’ll sing the theme song for it! The program producers offered Charice to sing the theme song for the upcoming show. They were overwhelmed by Charice’s incredible voice and also she’s a popular artist in Japan that makes her in demand to the music industry there. This proves of her winning J-Wave  “Best New Comer” award last February 24. Overtaking international stars like Justin Bieber, Orianthi, Ke$ha, Bruno Mars, and South Korean girl band Kara. 

Far As The Sky” is the title for Bull Doctor theme song. And according to Charice, it’s an inspirational and very uplifting song. It’s about surviving problems and difficulties in life. It inspires people to actually move on and always think there’s still tomorrow. The song is dedicated to all the Japanese people who experienced disasters the past month. Teaching them to have faith and hope. This is really like the same experience Charice has survived that’s why she was chosen by the producers of the show to sing the theme song.

This song has full of inspiration, tensions to attractions..it has a clear message that even when you tend to get down by encountering obstacles, difficulties in life, there IS always a hope right there.”

“Please think of this song as it’s for your loving family, friends, and all the people you dearly love. This song will send people a lot of inspirations so I’d like as many people as can listen to this song. And, as was for me too, the song will send you a lot of emphathies too. And, I would like to dedicated this song to all of the Japanese people.”

“My heart is breaking and aching by the devastatingly disastrous what has happend to Japan since March 11. And because of that, I wanted to dedicate this song to Japanese people. Please remember to feel that this is not the end of the world, there still are hopes around, and there will come “tomorrow”. You all can overcome this, win this. And please remember we all have all of our support for you.” – Translations courtesy of @twistinharry

And it’s actually Charice’s first time to sing a theme song for a drama series, and it’s for a Japanese show! Another dream come true for Charice.

A cast of Bull Doctor, Makiko says..

She indeed is a miracle with her powerful and distinct voice. The fact that she is pushing forward without hesitation is perfectly overlapping with the setting of the drama and it became a really wonderful song. I’m totally impressed!

Mr. Toda, one of the producers of the show also expressed his feelings towards Charice’s voice

It was shocking when I first heard Charice’s songs. I was so fascinated by her voice which is so stretching and powerful, and the experience got me reaching her and asking for a song. I have this strong confidence and conviction of my heart that a message of the humanism this drama will spin, and emotions Charice will bring to this drama will make a fantastic collaboration.

Another awesome song for Charice. Fits for her voice and her experiences in life and might as well her way of teaching her Japanese fans how to deal with problems and to fulfill their dreams despite of all the bad things happened.

The song “Far As The Sky” is written by Yu Tanaka and arranged by Honma Akimitsu. The song will be out June 6, 2011. We still have to wait for a month to hear the song, but it’s going to be worth the wait.

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  1. OMG! Thanks for Yves, I’ll be waiting for “Far as the sky”.

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