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Posted: June 18, 2011 in Charice
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   We all know that Charice is doing very stable in the international music scene since she released her debut album last year. With her mentors like Oprah, and David Foster, Charice developed more and has gained more fans and supporters who’s been there for her  since then. And we know that Charice has her promotional team and her label to support her, promoting her music and everything that’s happening to her career. But is that enough? 
So I got the idea of a “Worldwide Promotion” for Charice with the help of my fellow Chasters of course. I’ve seen so many supportive and very loyal Chasters over Twitter and Facebook. They’ve been supporting Charice for how many years now and they’re still there. And I notice some Chasters all over the world doing the same, promoting stuffs about her. One thing that other fans do for their idols is to create specific account as a representative for their country. It’s in demand now that fans create networking accounts for promoting. So I thought of creating an account on Facebook and Twitter specifically for promoting Charice and maybe as a representative for Philippines. I may not be as good as other Chasters here in Philippines but I believe this is the best thing I could do to promote Charice.

I started promoting using my own Blog site to give news and updates about Charice. I never thought I could do this big now. Never in mind that I could create such things like this one. So when I started writing blogs about her, I thought of sharing this to others. And I guess with almost 10+ blogs I could say, Chasters recognize my blogs already. And it’s a good thing cause I can promote Charice by that way, easily. But I was thinking more ways to do this. So I created first my own fan page. It was hard! Learning things alone without somebody teaching you to make it easy. And thank God I was able to create my page. Next thing I did is to create “Charice Philippines” on Facebook. So many procedures before creating this one but I did it, eventually. Creating Band Page, connecting Facebook to Twitter and stuff like that. But since I’m dedicated I was able to create this.

This is what I’m trying to say, Charice is an international star already. And I talked to some Chasters over Twitter saying “Oh yeah Charice is popular in our country as well..” and they are supportive about Charice. So I thought, why not ask them to be their country’s representative for Charice?

Here’s what we’re looking for, for a representative:

1. Must be a “Real Chaster

2. Dedicated

3. Capable of surfing the internet almost everyday

4. Knows how to use/manage Twitter and Facebook Page

5. And knows how to write/speak English fluently

6. Can give news about Charice in their country

Formats for promotion:

1. Simple style of writing

(No typing designs)

2. Accounts must start with “Charice” then followed by country’s abbreviation/initial

(ex. @ChariceSing for Charice Singapore)

3. No tweeting/posting personal things about yourself

It’s easy to search for a representative cause everyone is having the characteristics for this. I’ve already talked to some Chasters about this and they’re willing to be a representative. So far we have @ChariceSing, @ChariceHK, and of course @CharicePhils. Hopefully we could have more accounts to follow this. Main goal is to further Charice’s popularity in different countries even more. And by the use of our representatives, it’d be very easy for us to be updated about Charice in different parts of the world!

 With regards to Facebook Page, I suggest you create an email like and register to Facebook using the email and go to Create a Page on Facebook. Choose the category “Musician/Band” and write the official name of the Page (ex. Charice Japan). And you’re done! All you need to do is update it, promote it and share it with your friends! Before you post on the wall, be sure to have more than 25 likes first. In that way, you can avail your unique Username for the page like “”. After having more than 25 likes, go to and you’ll be asked what username you’d like to use. The username must be the same as your Twitter account like @ChariceSing on Twitter and on Facebook. That’s it!

Posting videos of Charice on Youtube is also good, like what LantaoIslands, ChariceConcerts, WebScribes, and Jamie Peters do. They promote Charice uploading her latest videos from TV & Radio Guesting and of course her concerts. This helps Charice more cause a lot of people watch Youtube videos almost everyday. Writing blogs about Charice also helps in promoting. Many things we could do!

There you go, I hope this helps you guys. For applications about representatives, email Thanks!



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  1. Charice Post says:

    Tumble is the most famous blogging right now. Pinterest is most of all network sharing sites. Google + if u are targeting professionals & web geeks. We should make a huge presence in pinterest it’s the most influential sharing site right now

  2. i’m totaly chaster…everything i do for charice…..

  3. diana says:

    great article…i’m @ChariceRomania on twitter..and i have a fan page on fb Charice Romania and a lot of accts : Marilena Diana Stanculet …Diana Chaster and Charice Romania…follow mw:D:D

  4. tearsinapapercup says:

    i am a chaster. i want to contribute in promoting charice but i prefer writing in blog. But i think is not very famous, or is it? i want to create a blog that can be easily seen in search engines. can you recommend one?thanks.

    Let’s help our PRINCESS conquer the world.

  5. Your idea is a very good strategy in promoting Charice worldwide. You are one dedicated Chaster and i appreciate what you doing for our Princess. Very selfless indeed. Thank Yves for a job well done!!!

  6. I’ll do my share to promote this Yves if its all for Charice. More power and God Bless!

  7. MarkTheCode says:

    This is really good. Good to see dedicated chasters all over the world are giving their hands to support Charice =) This makes my day

  8. Sofia says:

    really good idea you got here!

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