Music Video for “Far As The Sky” by Charice Released!

Posted: July 9, 2011 in Charice, Music News
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     The long wait is over! Charice’s new song  “Far As The Sky” has now been released in Japan! We delivered the news about Charice singing a song for a Japanese Drama, “The Bull Doctor” last June. One month after, the song has been released especially for mobile phone downloads in Japan. And we were shocked by Warner Music Japan last June 7 for releasing the Music Video for Charice’s new song for the drama series. 

Recently, Ryan Murphy from Glee already said that there will be no guest stars on Glee for Season  3. Meaning there’s no Charice anymore on Glee. But forget about it, cause Charice is on ‘Bull Doctor‘ now. We’re happy that Charice has given a chance to sing a theme song for a Japanese Drama. We all know that Charice is, no doubt, really big in Japan that makes her in demand there. The producers of the show were the one’s who approached Charice for the collaboration. They were amazed by her talent that’s why she was chosen. One of the producers of the show, Kayuza Toda said, “I have this strong confidence and conviction in my heart that the message of humanism this drama will give, and the emotions that Charice will bring to this drama, will make a fantastic collaboration“. Charice really captured the hearts of the Japanese people with her amazing talent!

And last Thursday, (June 3) a video of “Far As The Sky” was released by Warner Music Japan over their Youtube Channel. Chasters never predicted that the song will have a corresponding music video to be released. But the video on Youtube is only available for 1-day viewing only. Maybe because they will let Charice to release it over her Youtube Channel. The video on Warner Music Japan is now private but thankfully, some Chasters were able to get the video and repost it on Youtube. The song is about helping others with struggles and problems in life. And Charice will be with those who need help and sing for them. Very positive and inspiring song for all the Japanese people who recently experienced such disasters in their country. This will be Charice’s way to help and lift up those people who are losing hope.

The excitement never stops here. Charice will release her new music video for “One Day” soon! We’ll keep you posted about the updates as soon as we get them. But for now, enjoy the music video for Charice’s new song “Far As The Sky” (Thanks @ChariceJapan for the updates)



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  1. i love charice tnx for sharing this video….

  2. linda says:

    Thank you..
    she’s so amazing!!

  3. mindoro33 says:

    Thanks for posting the video.

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