Somedaydream’s New Single “Delivery Boys” Teaser

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Music News
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    The new comer from Ateneo de Manila University is back! Somedaydream is finally back with his new song “Delivery Boys“. After the success of his 1st ever single “Hey Daydreamer”, he’s now moving on to another future hit single! The new song will be released exclusively in some radio stations in Manila by next week and hopefully reach more radio stations soon. For sure you won’t miss this chance to hear Somedaydream’s new song! 

Somedaydream a.k.a. Rez Toledo is a student of Ateneo de Manila University. He was discovered by Champ Lui Pio  (Former vocalist of Hale) and now being managed by him. They’ve got a long journey before introducing this new comer and never thought of him being this so popular now. I remember when I first discovered about Somedaydream when he was just with his cover songs and some unreleased tracks. He sounds really international, unique and fresh to be an OPM artist. And I was one of the few people who were able to hear his 1st big hit on Magic 89.9 during the “Top 5@5” with Andi & Jessica. They were talking about Somedaydream, their boss gave them a copy of the song to be played first on their show. So it’s kinda exciting. And when they played the song, that’s when everyone started to search for him.

Hey Daydreamer” was his first single, and it came up with a music video with Jasmine Curtis. The music video is just so sweet and simple, teenagers can relate to it. And now, he has new song “Delivery Boys. Sounds the same as his first single but of course, the uniqueness is still their. Hear the teaser of Somedaydream’s new single here

Be the first to hear Somedaydream’s new song “Delivery Boys” on these stations

Magic 89.9                        Mellow 94.7

Rx 93.1                             Energy FM (91.5)

Jam 88.3                            Barangay LS (97.1)

99.5 RT                              Wow FM (103.5)

Wave 89.1

Start requesting the song on July 18, Monday.

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