“One Day” by Charice Official Music Video Premier!

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Charice, Music News
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  The long wait is over! After almost 4 months of waiting, the Music Video for “One Day” by Charice has now been released! Though we were expecting for earlier release, but it’s worth the wait! So yesterday, the whole Chaster world became very outrageous when AOL released the behind-the-scenes footage of Charice’s new Music Video “One Day”. Some Chasters were already wishing they could release the Official Music video as well. And after a matter of time, Charice then tweeted..

 It’s the Music Video posted over AOL. A very simple tweet that made everyone go crazy! It’s a very unexpected day to all the Chasters waiting for the Music Video to be released.

The music video focuses on achieving and believing in dreams or goals in life. 3 different stories of people wanting to achieve something. Charice is like the motivator of achieving their dreams and goals. She’s there keeping an eye to these people and see how they achieve goals by believing in their dreams. This serves as an inspiration to all the teens wanting to be just like Charice who reached her dreams with hard work and faith in God. And so is Nick Jonas who wrote and produced the song who actually started from scratch as well. He really does have talents when it comes to music. And this song he wrote for Charice gives a lot of lesson and motivation to everyone.

And the best part of this video is the dancing! On the last part of the video, Charice dances to the best of her song with her back-up dancers and some students surrounding her. Happy and cheerful ending for this very inspiring song. Charice features her fans on this music video as part of her collaboration with Acuvue Contact Lens. The 1•DAY Contest serves as a line for fans to be with Charice and be featured in the music video for ‘One Day’.

According to some reports, the winners of Acuvue 1•DAY Contest will be announced this August 7 at the Teen Choice Awards 2011. Let’s see what will happen on that day. But for now, here’s the Official Music Video of “One Day” by Charice. Enjoy!



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