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Posted: August 16, 2011 in Charice, Music News
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So  last Monday, we gave a hint over Twitter about this news that we got from a news site. And just yesterday, someone emailed us for more details of this new collaboration. Jarrett Cato, the Marketing Director of approached us through mail and actually inform about their new project.

The project is called ““. It is a new social network where the main principle is simple: we all have passions, and to a large degree those passions define us. And that is our love for Charice and her music. A place where people come together to share and connect over those shared interests. There are a lot of Chasters community over the internet and we would like every Chasters to get involve with this. It’s like giving us more ways on how we could share our thoughts and feelings about the things surrounding Charice. Much easier to give news and updates in just one place. attracts over 1-million unique visitors each month. And is giving us an opportunity to be featured on their site! All we have to do it sign up to and join the group that was created for all the Chasters. The 1st ever ChariceOlogy in

What we need now is to attract more people to join and be part of the CharicePhils Ology(group).  By joining the group or the site in general, will give us the opportunity to achieve our dreams of interviewing stars, advertise for free and possibly meet Charice and do an interview with her. We just have to sign up and join the CharicePhils Ology and Jarrett Cato will do the rest. Isn’t that great! We can now have more promotions for Charice with the help of the people from Sharon Tharp of interviewed Charice during the Teen Choice Awards. You can view her interview over the CharicePhils Ology. Don’t forget to sign up to and join the Charice community over there. Have fun sharing! 🙂


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