Jessie J’s New US Single “Domino” Released!

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Music News
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   After the success of her worldwide smash hit, “Price Tag” and her singles “Do It Like A Dude”, “Nobody’s Perfect” and “Who’s Laughing Now”, Jessie J has finally released a new song that will make US dance! It’s called “Domino“. The song has been uploaded by it’s co-producer Dr. Luke over his account. Since then, fans raved to hear the full song. “Domino” is set for August 30 release in America as her 2nd single. Also on works with David Guetta for a new track called “Repeat“. 

The song “Domino” has this Katy Perry-ish type of sound which makes it more cool! It sounds like Katy’s latest single “Last Friday Night” and Charice‘s “Louder” though we can still hear Jessie J’s unique and powerful voice in this new track. It was already said that Katy Perry actually co-wrote this song and Dr. Luke as one of the producers. The song will be released digitally this August 30 on iTunes. But for now, let’s hear her new track “Domino” over here. Enjoy!


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