After the success of her self-titled debut album last year, Charice is now back with an upcoming hit album called “Infinity” (stylized as ‘∞’).  The album is set to be released exclusively in Japan first this coming October 5th. In an interview with Meaghan Martin for Acuvue Q&A, Charice explained that the reason why it’s called “Infinity” because it’s like a never ending story. Simple explanation but very meaningful. Fans are so eager to grab their copy of this new album from Charice which is set to released first in Asia and early next year for US. Long wait for our friends from US! But I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait for them. 

The new album will be more Pop/R&B than the first album she has released last year. Very current and upbeat. Charice has already released some of her new songs on iTunes and Amazon like “Before It Explodes” “One Day” “Lost The Best Thing” and her latest single “Louder“. These songs proves that her new record is more of the current sound these days. Recently, Charice released 2 new promotional single for her new album. “Far As The Sky” was used as the themesong for Japanese Drama “Bull Doctor” and the new one is called “New World” which was reportedly being used as a themesong for the new installment of “Final Fantasy XIII-2” Here’s what Charice has to say about the song..

When I heard this news that this is really happening, it really did feel like I was dreaming

This is truly something I would say that my dream has come true.”

You can hear the clear snippet of Charice’s new song “New Worldhere. Meanwhile, Charice just finished a 2-night Concert in Singapore for Formula-1 Sintel Singapore Grand Prix. Charice performed along side Shakira, Linkin ParkG-Dragon, TOP, BigBang, Seungri, and many more. She covers songs like “Rolling In The Deep” by Adele, “Crazy In Love” by Beyonce, Price Tag by Jessie J”, “Billie Jean” and “You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson. She also performed her original songs “Before It Explodes”, “One Day”, “The Truth Is”, “Pyramid” and her latest hit single “Louder”. But what caught the attention of fans is Charice’s new song “Bounce Back“. She performed the song for the first time and I must say, it’s a good song! Good for people moving from their past and going strong. A very strong and positive song that everyone can relate to. The lyrics are good too! It was written by Lars Halvor Jensen & Kasia Livingston. So excited to hear the recorded one.

Here’s the Official Track Listing of Charice’s “Infinity” Japan Edition

Listen to Charice’s new song “Bounce Back” Live!

Lyrics of Charice’s “Bounce Back” below:

No excuses you don't need to explain
No apologies I'm over all the pain
I pulled myself if I can
Hotter than flames I made it through
I'm officially over you
(Pre - chorus 1)
Thought I was the one Who's gonna crumble and fall
Thought I was done but there ain't nothing at all
I can overcome

I bounce back Won't be the first time I've been knocked off my feet
Won't be the last time that find a little strength in me
So if you thought that I Would break down and cry
Then you don't even know me, I bounce back

Don't think I'm broken or losing any sleep
Cause I'm not missing what I don't really need
Make no mistake you're to blame
Feels good to say I'm brand new
And officially over you

(Pre - chorus 2)

You thought I was the one Who's gonna crumble and fall
You thought I was done but there ain't nothing at all
I can overcome

(Repeat Chorus)

I'm stronger than I ever was before
Ever better now, I already closed the door
Was caught in your overstorm
Still I made my way home
Bet you never thought that
I would bounce back
I bounce back

I'm stronger than I ever was
You can't hold me down because

(Repeat Chorus)

 _ _ _ _ _ _

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  1. lancecobi says:

    I bounce back!
    Won’t be the first time that I’d be knocked off my feet
    Won’t be the last time that I’ll find a little strength in me
    So if you thought that I, would break down and cry
    Then you don’t even know me
    I bounce back!

    – Juz wanna share this 🙂

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