Charice – “Infinity” Album Review and Updates

Posted: October 9, 2011 in Charice, Music News
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    We’ve been waiting for this new album to come out since last year. And now, Charice‘s 2nd International Album called “Infinity ∞” has finally been released first in Japan last Oct. 5th. It was a big day for all the Japanese Chasters who’ve been waiting for the album to come out. And now, it’s all over the stores and record bars in Japan. It was also released in iTunes Japan and immediately reached the top charts since the release date. The new album is more of Pop, R&B, Dance record than the first album she released last year. More of the current sound, very different and fresh! 

Charice released her International Self- Titled Debut Album “Charice” last March 11, 2010 and was launched on The Oprah Winfrey Show‘s during the World’s Most Talented Kids episodeThe album debuted at number 8 on the Billboard 200. That made Charice the firts Asian artist  reach the Billboard Top 10 on the chart. It’s her most successful album to date. And now, people are hoping for the new album “Infinity ∞” to be more successful than the first one. Here’s the track-by-track review of her new album “Infinity“.

Infinity ∞” Japan Edition consists of 11 tracks including the first released singles “Before It Explodes” and “Louder“. As for the iTunes Japan Edition, it has a new remix of “Pyramid” The Ruff Loaderz Remix which makes it as the 12th song only for the iTunes Japan Edition.

The album starts with her new hit single “Louder“. It was written by Daniel Jamas, Leah Haywood and Shelly Peiken. It’s a song that everyone can dance to. It’s Charice’s fastest song among all of her records. It’s also the theme song for the new season of Oprah’s “OWN”. I personally use it as my wake up song which makes my morning so pumped up! I suggest you make it as your alarm tone. Track 2 is called “New World“,  theme song for the upcoming Square Enix Role Playing Game “Final Fantasy XIII-2“. It really sounds like a Japanese song, since it’s writer Koichi Tabo, is a Japanese. It’s a happy and very positive song, for me. Next track is “Bounce Back“, produced by DEEKAY. This production team also produced a song from Charice’s 2010 album and it’s called “Reset” which was co-written by Charice herself. “Bounce Back” is one of Charice’s favorite track off the new album. She performed the song for the first time during her 2day concert in Singapore for the F1 Singtel Grand Prix. Very powerful and fierce song I must say. Its lyrics says it all. “Far As The Sky” is Charice’s promotional single in Japan for the drama series, “Bull Doctor“. Charice dedicates this song to all her Japanese fans who experienced tragedies last March. It’s ballad song and I can see Japanese people really likes ballad’s. “Lost The Best Thing” is a heartbreak song. Its lyrics are strong and pretty much the same as “Bounce Back” as for its meaning. Track 6 is “Heartbreak Survivor” written by Rico Love, Wayne Wilkins and singer ‘JoJo’. This is one of my favorite songs from the album, aside from the fact that I can relate to it but the meaning of the song is very positive. JoJo contributed her vocals for the song. It would’ve been better if JoJo sang with Charice and not just a back vocals. “Before It Explodes” serves as Charice’s comeback single. It was written by Philip Lawrence, Ari Levine and fellow Filipino ‘Bruno Mars’. Great comeback single for Charice. “Lesson For Life” is one of Charice’s inspirational song from the new album written by Alex Francis, Dinavon Bythwood, Jordan Kyle, former American Idol judge ‘Kara DioGuadi’ and singer ‘Jason Derulo’. Very upbeat and current. One of my favorite as well. “Never Always” is written by Frankie Storm, Warren “Oak” Felder. This song sounds soooo R&B which makes it attractive and cool. You may not listen to it more often but this song sounds awesome when playing on repeat. Track 10 is called “One Day” written by Jason Ingram, Dan Muckala and ‘Nick Jonas’ of The Jonas Brothers. It was released as a promotional single as part of the  “ACUVUE® 1•DAY Contest” where fans will have a chance to meet and be part of the Music Video for the song. Very inspirational and upbeat. I must say, this song is really effective. I was inspired by this! And it sounds like a theme song for a movie. And last but not the least, “Lighthouse“. It was written by Mike Elizondo, Danielle Brisebois and singer-songwriter ‘Natasha Bedingfield’. The first time I heard the song, my first impression was “boring” and “so slow”. But while listening to the whole, I find it very nice and powerful along the way. NO DOUBT Charice liked this song, even fans liked it too! Charice fought for this song to be included on the album and it’s worth it!

Actually all the songs included in the album “Infinity” are single-ready. You can choose any song to be the next single. That’s how awesome it is! Been hearing positive feedback’s from fans and non-fans and no doubt, it reached #1 on iTunes Japan Pop Category and #2 overall in just 4 days! That’s how fast the album was downloaded. Much love from Japan!

Charice’s new album “Infinity” will be released this October here in Philippines but the release date is yet to be announced. Next week, Warner Music Philippines will announce the release date. The Album Launch is still on works. Under negotiation with Warner Music Philippines as to when the Album Launch will be. I hope everyone will join and have fun with us on that day. We’ll keep you posted for more updates about the Album Launch soon.


Hear the preview of Charice’s New Songs off of her new album “Infinityhere

Buy Charice’s “Infinity Limited Edition” CD on Amazon here  (Release Date: Oct. 18, 2011)

Buy Charice’s “Infinity/Asian Exclusive” CD on Amazon here (Release Date: Oct. 25, 2011)

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  1. hunkz says:

    Nice review bro. This one is a great album. I like the songs heartbreak survivor, bounce back, lesson for life, and light house. But all the songs are very good. I’m sure this album will be a big hit not only in Japan or the US, but all over the world. Bravura!!

  2. Wija says:

    true, the Japanese love ballad songs. (even i love their ballad songs… hehe) and aside from ballad, they also like rock. anyways…

    when i first listened to the individual releases of the songs before the album came out, i was rather skeptical, thinking they won’t sell as much as the songs from her first album… even when i listened to the whole album the first time…i was still thinking the same way.
    but putting them on repeat, i changed my opinion. though i loved the first album unconditionally. this one has its own charm point, and i don’t just mean that because of the extravagant cast of writers they’ve chosen to work on the songs… i mean, it has its own individual way of touching your heart, making it number one for you, loving it as much as the first one, in a way different from the first album.
    so now, this 2nd album is just as great as the 1st one. for me, anyway. 😀

    great review btw. ;’]b

  3. dwf541 says:

    with the background music of Louder playing, IM singing and dancing the Lyrics GRAMMY, GRAMMY , GRAMMY, GRAMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Franco says:

    Congrats to Charice, job well done! I believe it will be a hit around the world….

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