Charice’s “Louder” & Music Video Released!

Posted: October 21, 2011 in Charice
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 The long wait is over! The music video for Charice’s latest single “Louder” has finally been released! The music video was first seen on a Japanese TV Show a few days back. It was first uploaded and premiered in US on Entertainment Weekly website last October 18 and the original music video was uploaded by Charice on her Youtube Channel, October 19 and immediately gained 120k+ views! Pretty fast huh? 

It’s so great to see an artist showing her hidden talents to everyone and I was so amazed that Charice has finally shown the other side of her. Yes, the world’s most talented girl in the world can really dance! You might’ve thought that this young lady only sings, makes you feel goosebumps and amaze you with her angelic voice. Charice really does dancing since she was young. She’s been dancing to Michael Jackson songs and even does moon walk! That’s one talent some artist don’t have.

 Charice showcases a little “seductive” and more mature look of her. She’s really stepping out of her young and sweet looks. Charice has all grown up now! She looks so amazing with her sexy looks and her eye candy style. In the video, we can see Charice dancing with 2 male back-up dancers. Dancing in the rain is definitely one of the best part of the music video. Charice already stated that her choreographer Gil Duldulao, gave her fast dance steps and we can see that on the video. It’s really fast! Moreover, Duldulao worked with Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera and more for their music videos as well. The music video for “Louder” was directed by Tim Cruz and I must say, he’s awesome! I wasn’t expecting this will be the concept of the music video. It was more of what I expected it to be. Good job to all the people behind this amazing music video.


Check out Charice’s latest music video “Louder” off of her latest album “Infinity” which will be coming out this October!



Charice’s latest album “Infinity” is available on!

Download Charice’s latest single “Louder” on iTunes!

Get “Louder” Ring Back Tone on your mobile phone by texting LDR to 5677, free for 5days! (Philippine Residence Only)



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