Track-By-Track Review of Karmin’s Debut Album “Hello”

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Fresh Music, Music News
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  It’s been 6 months since the Pop Duo & Youtube sensation, Karmin from Massachusetts, released their promotional single “Crash Your Party” last November 2011. And after a few months of waiting, they’ve finally released their debut album called HELLO this May 8! It’s a 7-track album that contains the first single “Brokenhearted” and the album title track “Hello“.  The album is released through Epic Records under Sony Music Entertainment. See how Karmin’s debut album sounds like, and who are their influences in making this album. Listen to the songs included on the album HELLO

1. Walking On The Moon

Though this hip-hop song has a heavy kind of sound, Karmin’s still trying to make it mainstream with it’s smooth opening that makes song catchy. At first glance, you wouldn’t think a girl like Amy, could actually RAP! Nick adds his piano skills on this song, as well as some back vocals to Amy.


2. Brokenhearted

I’m sure you’ve already heard this song. It’s Karmin’s first single off the album. A very catchy Pop song. It has that unique beat and harmony the other songs from the album don’t have. It’s more of Amy’s side here, since the song is more likely for females. But you can, somehow, hear Nick’s voice at the chorus. By the way, Amy looks stunning on it’s music video. Must watch!


3. I Told You So

I’m not surprised with Amy’s rapping skills. She’s already proved that from their viral video cover of Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” that made them appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The song is like their answer to Chris’ song. I can say, Amy is so awesome in rapping! I can imagine Lil Wayne throughout the song. It’s the song I really want to memorize (since I love rapping as well, just so you know).


4. Too Many Fish

Is it B? Or Amy? You’d have to 2nd guess who’s singing on the song. But yeah, it’s Amy who sounds a bit like Beyonce on the song. I would compare it to B’s “Single Ladies” and “Crazy In Love“. One of my favorites from the album.


5. I’m Just Sayin

This song is not so.. catchy or should I say, hip. I think it’s because of the rapping or it’s melody. It’s something that Karmin should work out. But either way, the chorus is nice, just sayin’.


6. Coming Up Strong

I must say, after hearing much of Amy’s voice, I was refreshed with Nick’s voice. It should be the album’s next single. Not only because of it’s awesome melody, but also to prove that Nick isn’t just for back vocals and instruments. That he’s really part of Karmin. They should come up with a couple more songs that features more of Nick, just like this one. Oh by the way, did I just hear David Archuleta? Oh well, it’s Nick.


7. Hello

One of the hippest songs from the album. I can imagine myself ridin’ a car with this song playing. Great title track. It’s chorus reminds me of the song “Smells Like Teen Spirit” from Nirvana.


8. Brokenhearted (Mixing Marc & Tony)

Great remix of Karmin’s Brokenhearted to end the album. It’s like a party at the end of the day.


You may compare them to other artists like Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, but you cannot compare the the way they push their limits in creating new music. Their live performance also proves that they’re not only good in recordings. A new sensation that needs more exposure and needs to be known more! With their debut album HELLO, Karmin will let you know more of who they are, NOW! Looking forward to a 13-track soon! For now, let’s see how far HELLO can go.

Buy Karmin’s debut album HELLO on iTunes now! Click here.

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