Jason Derulo Debuts His New Single “Undefeated” on American Idol Finale!

Posted: May 24, 2012 in Fresh Music, Television
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 After his appearance on American Idol a couple of months back with his fractured neck that he got from his Tour rehearsals, R&B star Jason Derulo is back with another new smash hit that he worked with Coca-Cola and of course, the Idol fans! The song is called “Undefeated“. A very uplifting dance song serves as the title track of his upcoming new album. Idol fans helped Jason Derulo finish the song’s lyrics before American Idol Finale comes.

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Derulo said “The fans got to help me write the song,” “I started writing the song, but I left a bunch of lines blank and the fans have been helping me fill in the lines.” This is actually part of Coca-Cola’s “Perfect Harmony” intuitive, were fans are given the chance to participate in the songwriting process. After voting the best lyrics, 4 lyrics were chosen and deliberated by the judges and included it on the song. Well done to the team and fans for helping out finish this new smash hit! Inclined with that, Jason Derulo also gave away 25,000 free download of his new song courtesy of Coca-Cola and 15,000 were given away at RyanSeacrest.com yesterday.

Hear Jason Derulo’s new single “Undefeated

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