The Ready Set Releases New Single “Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever)”

Posted: May 25, 2012 in Fresh Music, Music News
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    It’s been a long time since we last heard of The Ready Set. After the success of his singles “Love Like Woe” & “Young Forever“, Jordan Witzigreuter is back with yet another Electro-Pop dance song “Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever)“. New materials are set for his upcoming album that’s coming out hopefully this Fall. The Ready Set finished the new single 4 months ago, and decided to release it last May 22 after a long way of mixing and deciding for it’s release date together with his friend Andrew Goldstein who produced the song with him, the management and his label. Worth the wait though! 

After an interview with ALTPress, The Ready Set said that he wrote 25 songs for his new album. He’s spending the majority of the summer, writing songs and narrow it down to 12-15 songs for his album to be complete. No title for the new album yet but hopefully everything will be settled by Fall. The Ready Set would like to feature 2 artists and add some sort of rap song or something on the album. Very interesting! Looking for more rapping on his new record. We just can’t wait for the album to come out real soon!

But for now, enjoy The Ready Set’s new single “Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever)” from his untitled new album. Coming out this Fall!



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