Amber Holcomb sings “Love on Top” & “I Say a Little Prayer” on American Idol Top 6!

Posted: April 11, 2013 in American Idol, Television
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amber-holcomb-top-6-american-idol-2013-photo-shoot    Being on the top 6 of this year’s American Idol is already a blessing, but would that be enough for Amber Holcomb to reach her dreams? Well, not yet! She just recently sang 2 songs for this week’s Live Performance and she nailed it!!! Proving that she deserves to be this year’s American Idol!

She sang Diana King’s “I Say A Little Prayer”, and she just gave a very smooth and and interesting performance for everybody. And here’s what the judges has to say for her performance: 

Nicki Minaj – “You are unbelievable Amber! You are everything!You have just become my favorite girl in this competition.

Randy Jackson – “Amber is trying to win.“, “Amber has arrived!

Mariah Carey – “I wrote down something about the bridge, genius. I love the transition that you made.“, “It’s beyond divas.”

Keith Urban – “I love how you never over perform.“, “You never over sing.


As for her rendition of Beyonce’s “Love On Top”, here’s what the judges has to say:

Mariah Carey – “Seeing you here just feeling the star power that is growing within you I’m just.. [clapping]”

Keith Urban – “It was beautiful. Great song choice.“, “I love how you know which songs just go with what you do and who you are.

Nicki Minaj- “You have arrived in every sense..“, “WORK!

Randy Jackson – “Yes, yes, yes! This girl is in it to win it!


Watch Amber Holcomb’s performances below and don’t forget to vote for her on!


Do you agree with the judges? Let us know what you think of Amber’s performances.


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