Will.I.Am Unveils New Single, New Album Tracklist and Collaborations with 2NE1, Skylar Grey & More!

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Fresh Music
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will-i-am-willpower-2013-800x800     After months of waiting, The Black Eyed Peas’ will.i.am has finally unveiled the tracklist for his upcoming 4th studio album called “willpowerThe new album was supposed to be release September 2012, but due to several delays, it will now be released this coming April 19, 2013. Few singles have already been released from the album including the first single “This Is Love” ft. Eva Simons, “Scream & Shout” ft. Britney Spears, “#thatPower” ft. Justin Bieber, and the just-released 4th single “Fall Down” ft. Miley Cyrus. The new single has hip-hop, electro with some orchestral kind of sound, a little different from the previous singles that was released. The single is somehow compared to Ke$ha’s “Die Young“. 


20130412_2ne1_will.i.am_-600x417The new album willpower is consist of 18 tracks including the singles that was previously released. Will.I.Am collaborated with a lot of artists for his upcoming 4th album including Juicy J, Dante Santiago, Skylar Grey, Nicole Scherzinger, Korean girl group 2NE1 and The Black Eyed Peas member Apl.De.Ap. After years of waiting, will.i.am will finally release a song together with Korean group 2NE1. We have heard about his collaborations and projects with the group but there were no updates from them for a couple of years now. And with the release of will.i.am’s song with the group, I’m sure fans of 2NE1 are very happy to know that everything is now being publicized for them. Another song to watch out for is the song will.i.am did with Skylar Grey and Nicole Scherzinger. So many reasons to buy will.i.am’s new album.


Check out will.i.am’s new single “Fall Down” ft. Miley Cyrus and “Gettin’ Dumb” ft. 2NE1 & apl.de.ap. Download the song on iTunes!




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