EXO Unveils Teaser Photos for 1st Full Length Album “XOXO (Kiss&Hug)”

Posted: May 16, 2013 in K-Pop
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EXO XOXO Album            It’s been a year since they released their first EP “MAMA” with the hit songs , “What Is Love“, “History“, “Angel” and the title track for the EP “Mama“, K-Pop group EXO is now back with their first full length album!

I’m sure everyone have been anticipating for their comeback, and it seems like the new album will be released real soon!! EXO’s label SM Entertainment already confirmed the band’s comeback through their Facebook Page by posting a teaser photo for the new album “XOXO (Kiss&Hug)”. 


exo comeback teasers

EXO features a yearbook-like theme for their teaser photos with captions “XOXO First Year” and “EXO The First Class_Kiss&Hug”. Something unique for a comeback teaser isn’t it? Moreover, it’s been said that solo comeback teasers will be released by SMTown starting May 17 onwards.  The last solo teaser will be released by May 29 and according to some sources, EXO might release their new single/album by May 30. It could possibly happen, but we still have to wait until all solo teasers are released. For now, check out the teaser photos including Sehun’s solo teaser.


Sehun XOXO Teaser

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  1. Carry says:

    what is in sehun’s mouth???

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