Sam Concepcion Releases New Single “No Limitations”

Posted: May 26, 2013 in OPM
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Sam Concepcion No Limitations       After the success of his single “Forever Young”, his lead role for the musical version of “Peter Pan” and his undeniable popularity in Indonesia, Sam Concepcion is now back with new music! The 20-year-old singer/actor has finally released his new single called “No Limitations”.

We’ve previously heard Sam with “Forever Young” which sounds so current and upbeat compared to his previous songs. And with the release of his new single “No Limitations”, it’s pretty obvious that he’s pursuing the “edgier” sound with mixtures of Original Pinoy Music and R&B. 


sam concepcionEveryone has seen me as the young song and dance guy, model youth, among others. Now, is the time that they get to know the more mature me with an edgier sound.” says Sam.

When asked more about his new single, here’s what Sam has to say, “It’s totally different from the way I used to sound. It’s a new sound and a new look for me as a recording artist. That’s one thing that my fans can look forward to.”

The song “No Limitations” is a collaboration between Sam and songwriters/producers Billy Crawford, Kris Lawrence and Marcus Davis. “I enjoyed working on this song because I was guided by some of the most gifted artists in the country.” says Sam.

Sam Concepcion’s new single is the 1st single off of his upcoming 2nd album under Universal Records.

Download Sam Concepcion’s new single “No Limitations” on iTunes and MyMusicStore.

Listen to the snippet of “No Limitations” here.


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  1. Hi Yves 🙂
    I am Samsters from Indonesia 🙂
    May I re-post this article on my blog with Indonesian??
    Thank you very much 🙂 God bless you 🙂

  2. AJ Asuncion says:

    Thank you for the article. I’m very happy reading it. We, Sam’s fans are very glad knowing the men behind his latest song/album are some of the best in the music industry. Thank you again! God bless you! :)))

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