EXO Releases Music Video for Latest Single “Wolf”

Posted: May 30, 2013 in K-Pop
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exo_wolf_mv        After a long haul, EXO has finally unveiled their latest music video for their comeback single “Wolf”. Everyone have been waiting for 1 year for EXO’s comeback. And with the release of EXO’s music video, I’m sure everyone’s very happy that EXO is official BACK TO BUSINESS!

As we all know, EXO will be releasing their new album “XOXO (Kiss&Hug)” sometime soon, and part of the release of the new album, music video and couple of live performances for their latest single “Wolf” will be up as well. EXO just recently performed their single “Wolf” for the very first time on Mnet Countdown. 

A few minutes before they performed on Mnet Countdown, SM Entertainment released the music video for both EXO-K  & EXO-M’s new single “Wolf”. There are two versions of the music video. The one released today was the Dance version. And according to sources, SM Entertainment will release the Drama version of the music video tomorrow. The plot goes like this:

Luhan and Kai were best friends in high school. Kai has a girlfriend and tell everything about her to Luhan. Surprisingly, Luhan also likes Kai’s girlfriend and he wants her to be his girlfriend. Kai knew everything from Kris. Kai was mad at Luhan after knowing his friend likes his girlfriend as well. They fought and ended their friendship.


Here’s EXO’s new music for latest single “Wolf”.


Check out EXO’s LIVE performance of “Wolf” on Mnet Countdown below.


What are your thoughts about EXO’s new music video? Let us know!


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