Rez Toledo Announces Somedaydream Project “After Tonight 2010 EP”

Posted: June 16, 2013 in OPM
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Somedaydream After Tonight 2010 EP     It has been a year since he became inactive in the world of music. Now, the electro-pop singer Rez Toledo a.k.a. “Somedaydream” is back with “After Tonight 2010 EP”.

Several teasers have been posted by Rez Toledo on his Facebook account and tonight, he finally revealed the project that he did way back 2010. “Great things take time to create.” says Rez on his announcement regarding the new Somedaydream project. The project was supposed to be released before the mainstream success happened with the release of his single “Hey Daydream” back in January 2011. 

Rez Twitter announcement


Rez Toledo recently announced his comeback on social media but clearly stated that he’ll still be in hiatus until he’s ready with his new music. He’s currently working on some great stuffs for his own studio (which is awesome), been writing songs for new Somedaydream project, a follow-up to the Somedaydream album which was released November 2011. And while we wait for Rez to finish everything for the the new Somedaydream project, he shares us this “After Tonight EP” which he describes as “blast from the past”. Cool isn’t it?


The “After Tonight EP” will be released June 30. And it’s FREE! Here’s the track listing for the EP:

  1. Prelude x Hey Daydreamer (2010 version)
  2. Break (2009 version)
  3. Do-do With You (2009 version)
  4. Call Me Crazy
  5. M.O.S.
  6. After Tonight


The EP will be Somedaydream’s last contribution to “OPM”, “After this, it’s official: I am not OPM” says Rez. At the end note, he stated “This is my art from 2010. I can’t wait to share them with you.

Good job my friend, we’re all excited for this new Chapter of your music career. Rezdothis!

Check out the official note from Rez Toledo here.

Meanwhile, check out the first single from Somedaydream’s “After Tonight EP“:


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