About Yves Laurence

Yves Laurence Arellano     I’m Yves Laurence Arellano. Born October 12, 1993.

All my life I’ve been dreaming of being a professional artist and a singer someday. Not to mention broadcasting (FM Radio).  I often create artworks mostly for myself. It makes me feel happy whenever I create new ones. I’ve been doing this since I was 3 years old. I’ve never been to any art school that could teach more about arts. Self-teach, that’s how I call my talent. It’s a little fancy ’cause you discover ideas and apply it to your artworks all by yourself but at at the same time, it’s hard ’cause you’re not guided by anyone whose more knowledgeable about arts.  But thank God for his great guidance. More than anyone else, he’s the reason why I learned these things all by myself. I owe him everything. And to give you an idea, here are some of the artworks I did from 2011-2012.

Each one of those artworks above, took me a couple of hours to finish. When there’s a free time, I put much effort on creating artworks that’s why some of my artworks only takes an hour or two to finish. Isn’t it fast? I think it’s because of all the experiences since I started. It molded me to be a good artist. Time and effort are one of the main reasons why I excel.

I also play different music instruments like piano, guitar and xylophone. I’m a music lover, obviously. I listen to different genre’s like pop, r&b, pop-rock, electro pop and alternative rock. Paramore, A Rocket To The Moon, TheReadySet, Oel City, Flyleaf, Charice, Beyonce, Usher, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, Ed Sheeran, Christina Aguilera, JoJo, Ariana Grande, and Tori Kelly are few of my music influences. They are my heroes when it comes to music. I also write songs about my experiences in life and anything that comes to mind. I gotta say, being brokenhearted really makes you stronger and allows you to do things you never though you can. That’s where my songwriting started. I got brokenhearted by this girl and that experience made me write a song. I’ll be posting my original works soon!

Out of the blue, I decided to do blogging. It’s something that I haven’t done in my entire life so I told myself “Why not?”. My purpose on creating a blog site is just to update people with new things about me. But it didn’t last. I eventually thought of doing blogs for new music and entertainment. And it was a success. This one is kinda tough ’cause I can’t put so much time on doing blogs. But I’m doing everything to update you guys with all-things music. Hope you enjoy reading my blogs. Keep coming back for more updates from your favorite artists!

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  2. mdsuave says:

    Those people you encountered in CM are really rude. Please choose people to chat with. Don’t get mad bec. they’ll love it better. Exit gracefully and come back later and chat with new guys.

  3. mdsuave says:

    CM really needs authors now. I just saw this today. http://www.charicemania.com/about/contact-us/

  4. mdsuave says:

    Charicemania needs writers. I gave you the wrong email at the chatroom. Write here, Team@charicemania.com, and if you are a friend of Steve, he can help also. He writes for Charicemania too but admin will decide.

  5. Linaly says:

    wow..how nice naman..ur da best..napa ka creative u tlaga vez..like 8..♥♥♥ hehehhe keep up ur gud work!!!

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