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Somedaydream After Tonight 2010 EP     It has been a year since he became inactive in the world of music. Now, the electro-pop singer Rez Toledo a.k.a. “Somedaydream” is back with “After Tonight 2010 EP”.

Several teasers have been posted by Rez Toledo on his Facebook account and tonight, he finally revealed the project that he did way back 2010. “Great things take time to create.” says Rez on his announcement regarding the new Somedaydream project. The project was supposed to be released before the mainstream success happened with the release of his single “Hey Daydream” back in January 2011.  (more…)

Somedaydream at Philstar. Photograph by Roy Macam

You have surely heard the song by now. It is all over the airlanes that listeners must have already come across it several times. The title is Hey Daydreamer and it is by this new artist who calls himself Somedaydream. He is regarded as somewhat a mystery, which should not be the case. He is just a regular guy who loves to make music and all of a sudden has a big hit song in his hands.  Read More