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    The new comer from Ateneo de Manila University is back! Somedaydream is finally back with his new song “Delivery Boys“. After the success of his 1st ever single “Hey Daydreamer”, he’s now moving on to another future hit single! The new song will be released exclusively in some radio stations in Manila by next week and hopefully reach more radio stations soon. For sure you won’t miss this chance to hear Somedaydream’s new song!  Read More

  After the success of their 3rd studio album “brand new eyes” which was released last September 2009, they’re now releasing a new song! Last week, Paramore released a 30 second clip of their new song “Monster“. Since then, fans became hyped and was really surprised with this new song from the band. Paramore even trended on Twitter because of this. And now, the wait is over for all you Paramore fans, including me!  Read More

Just Love The Music!

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Music News
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Hello there! My first blog ever. And it’s going to be about MUSIC! I’ve already mentioned my love about music on my About. You can check it if you haven’t. I was only 5yrs. old when I started singing. Karaoke is my friend back then.. My parents always asks me to sing like high songs. Since my voice is little, I can reach higher notes. I always sing like there’s no tomorrow. I’m a freak that way.. Haha. My friends always told me that I have a good voice. I hate to say this but, I don’t like hearing my own voice! I just don’t like it. It irritates me. When I record a song and listen to it, I DON’T LIKE! But others say I’m good. Hm.. Anyway, forget about it. Crap.. 😀  Read More