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 We’ve been delivered by so much news about Charice the past week with the release of her new singles and her comeback on Glee. And just this day, a news came out on Twitter that “The Black Eyed Peas” member Taboo is collaborating with Charice on a new song! This was tweeted from a representative of Gawad Kalinga in USA. Stating..

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  “One Day” by Charice

   Co-Written & Co-Produced by Nick Jonas

Available on iTunes

Official Lyric Video

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Mezamishi TV (Japan) premiered a new song for their show last April 1. Actually it’s a new Charice song called “Louder”. According to reports, the song is exclusive for the show only and will change the songs for each segments. Charice’s “Louder” will be played on the Horoscope segment of the show. Read More